11 August, 2015

Move-in Tomorrow!

I'm in a sort of funk tonight.
You know the feeling that you had when you were little the day before Christmas or standing in line, waiting for your dad to buy tickets to get into Disneyland? That super excited, thrilled feeling? I have had the same type of anticipatory feelings today. They started a couple weeks ago and started growing until the climax arrived tonight.
I get to move into my brand new classroom tomorrow.
There are no neon-colored frosting stains on it from students dropping their cupcakes on the carpet (it always lands frosting side down). No student has had a long drink from the drinking fountain. It has not been engulfed in the stench of thirty fifth graders, fresh from a long, hot recess. No one has stained the whiteboards with the neon colored markers I specifically ask them not to buy (last time I was in there, there technically were no whiteboards...hopefully they have been installed). The cubbies have yet to house backpacks bulging with papers the students should have taken out months ago for their parents to sign and return. There has yet to be a brand new class of eager children, anxious (at least on the first day) to come to school, interact, and learn something.
School starts in a week from tomorrow. That's right. In a week and twelve hours (roughly), I'll bring in half my class and begin the wonderful first day of school for a group of kids that will only know half of their classmates, at most.
This year will be an amazing one.

These pictures were taken a week ago. Exactly two weeks before school starts. I don't know about you, but I feel like a school should be all the way done two weeks before it starts.
I do, however, love everything about the school especially the colors.

Because I have been classroom-less all summer, I got to make everything at home and in our temporary office in a nearby school. One thing I love about teaching is being able to design and make awesome things.

Stay tuned. If I am not completely wiped out, I'll do updates daily to show the progression of how to set up an amazing, adorable, functional classroom in only a week.

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