27 October, 2011

I LOVE what I get to do

Guess what?
For the past three days, I have not gone to BYU. Instead I have been heading North to a cute little elementary school in Lindon. I get to work with a 2-3 grade class and an awesome teacher. I stay there for six hours each day and every day is an adventure and really gets me excited to graduate and get my own class...until I decide to have little ones of my own.
Some of my favorite quotes so far:
"The sneakers threw eggs at your garage door."
{My teacher wanted the students to write a sentence describing what some sneaky people did while she was on vacation this summer.}
Example of something extinct? "People that do drugs all day."
Example of something endangered? "When people live at the side of a mountain that is about to explode, they are endangered."

Today, I got three hugs from students. I feel bad because I should not encourage them hugging me; I should really discourage it. What are you supposed to do when a cute little third grader just comes up and does it out of the blue?

Last, but definitely the cutest:
During this week, the students have been learning how to write letters. On Monday, they wrote a letter to their teacher. Tuesday was for someone in the classroom. Wednesday held one for the principle. Today they were supposed to write one to someone they appreciate. Emphasis on someone in their family.
I was collecting the letters and the students lined up to go to social studies. One little girl who I shall call T handed me her paper and said it was for me. "Thank you, T." I accepted the letter and put it in my pile, thinking that she was just giving it to me to put in the pile.
She pulled it out and put it firmly in my hand. "No. I wrote the letter for you."
I think my heart melted.
I waited until she was out of the classroom before I read her letter. It was the sweetest thing in the world!
"Dear Miss. Yahgar. I think you are so cool and fun. I think your last name is cool cause it's Ya gaer. What are you being for Halloween? What is your favirte candy? Mine is every one! It's cool that you go to byu!!!!!! I think that you are so prety. Are you married? I'm defently Not married. Love, T"
Well, that settles it. I'm cool and fun and I cannot wait to teach full time.

22 October, 2011

I like to travel

This is a lovely map of all the states and countries I have been to. Not as much as I would like, but it is a nice start.

21 October, 2011

To do tomorrow:

1. Finish studying
2. Take (and ace) my last midterm
3. Take a short break to relax my mind (cooking? tv show? cleaning? The possibilities are endless!)
4. Decide on a costume to wear to my Auntie's annual Halloween party
5. Complete several hours of homework
6. Forgo dinner to save my strength for the cake eating competition and so I can better savor my Aunt's amazing food
7. Pick up my bff and favorite little sister to head up to the par-tay
8. Eat amazing food
9. Beat all my cousins in the "no hands" cake eating competition...again
10. Blow my nose to get all the cake out of it