15 August, 2015

How to set up a classroom in six days: Day 3

After day three, I was technically halfway over time wise, but I definitely feel like I could be close to finishing setting up my class.
On day three I started setting up functional student decorations. I was so happy to reach that point.
I didn't take as many photos today because I was all over the place.
The day started with a quick meeting because it was technically our professional development day. My principal managed to terrify me. He announced there was no glitter allowed in the classrooms. (I used to be such a glitter hater; I'm almost surprised to see how much I enjoy a tasteful dash of the sparkly stuff now.) I wasn't as bummed because I thought any glitter hater should be sent a box of the stuff in the mail, but because I made so many decorations with glitter paper this summer and it would take a long time to remake it without glitter paper.
After the meeting, I took my glitter cursive alphabet in hand and marched down to him, demanding to know if that was okay, or if I could simply laminate over it. (Was he a hater of the possibility of glitter on the ground, or was he a hater of the idea of glitter?) He laughed a little when he saw how terrified I was of the anti-glitter rule. He clarified the rule for me: No glitter projects for the students.
That's okay.
After the short meeting, I quickly got to work. I wanted to clean the clutter to make it easier for the five schools that had volunteered to help us. As I was cleaning, my first whiteboard was delivered! I also made a couple more fabric covered boxes to complete my supply. (I love how they look!)
Then my own classroom organization was cut short so that I could fulfill my duty as a member of the leadership committee and welcome volunteers to our school.

(The leadership committee is an amazing opportunity I have this year. There are three amazing teachers on it--the other two working on their admin masters. We assist the principal in whatever he needs. We're a step below the principal--and the intern vice-principal we get--and a step above the grade-level team leaders. We help make decisions and help the school be as amazing as possible.)
I welcomed schools and directed them to where I thought they should go.
Lunch was next.
After lunch, my old school came by to volunteer. I was so happy to work with them for an hour and they were amazing! They got so much done. They stayed for a couple hours and seriously got as much work done as I could have working a day and a half. I will definitely miss those guys.
Near the end of the time those volunteers were at my classroom, my father and a woman he is dating right now came by to help for the rest of the day. They were an amazing help as well.
We are piloting the Wonders program for our district this year. All the boxes were sent, but there was no sense of organization amongst the supplies. There were also no storage containers sent (as you often see with literacy programs). They helped organize the guided reading books which took a long time for the four of us (about a half hour).
That was about the end of the day. We were told my whiteboards and bulletin boards would be put in around the time we were leaving. Husband and I were planning on returning after dinner to put up the fabric and bulletin board border I made, but upon inquiring about when the building would be locked up, the project manager said 7:00. Too late.
I cannot wait to come back in today! I can hang my bulletin board displays and almost get my room perfect.

My classroom was ready for volunteers at the beginning of the day! One entire table was filled with stuff for them to do.

The Chick-fil-a cow (named Cow) came by. Pretty exciting.

I hung up my job chart!

This is the only picture I got at the end of the day. You can see my husband on the left and my dad on the right. My volunteers hung my map and (behind my husband), my library check-out system. They also completely finished my stack of stuff to do. All the tables are where I want them and their storage units are filled and ready for my fifth graders.

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