31 October, 2012

This one's for you Grandma

My darling grandmother, who was a schoolmarm herself at a school that still stands in Orem, mentioned that she enjoyed reading my blog, but that I had not posted lately. I apologize. I have been meaning to take pictures of fun activities that we have done lately and how my classroom looks, but I keep forgetting.
So. Here is a quick post about what has been making me smile as of late.
In my lovely class, we do class meetings. During these meetings, we have a discussion on any problems the students would like to discuss. (We have only done problems twice. I do not know if they are just little angels or they do not quite know what the concept is.) The problems they have discussed pertained to the noise level. They want the whole class to be quiet for periods of time during the day. (Art projects, free time, science time, etc.) Another part of our class meetings is dedicated to compliments. I have compliment slips that my students can fill out, directed to another student, to be read during our class meeting. This past class meeting was the first time any student had written one to me. When it rains, it pours. Not only did I receive my first compliment paper, I received my first 4 compliments.
I would like to give Mrs. Jaeger a compliment by saying: she is a very nice teacher. She helps pepol under stand thigs and is awesome! Signed L.
I would like to give Mrs. Jager a compliment by saying: she is funny. She is nice all the time. She is the best teacher I have had so far, and she teaches really good so I can learn. Signed B.
I would like to give Mrs. Jeager a compliment by saying: she is the best teacher in the world. And she always helps me with what I have trouble with. Not only me. Everyone in my class. She is the best teacher in the world! Signed K.
I would like to give Mrs. Jeager a compliment by saying: She's the best teacher out of the whole school maybe even out of the whole world she's always willing to help she's never getting her temper out of control she loves everyone and some times I think she's an angel with a little halo and she's very very butiful your number one! Signed love M.

My other favorite quote of last week: "This is the best day of my life!"
As a class they decided they wanted a pajama/dance/treat day. This involved wearing pajamas, and then having a dance slash treat party for twenty minutes during the day. (It was a good prep for me to prepare for what Halloween was like.) In the middle of the dance party when my lovely fourth graders were literally stuffing their faces with treats, one of my shyer little girls ran up to tell me it was the best day of her life.