16 August, 2015

How to set up a classroom in six days: Day 4

I thought I would only spend an hour or two in my classroom for day 4. Little did I know how wrong I was.
So Wolf and I left the house at around 8 to head over to the school. Halfway down the street, I chickened out and asked to go shopping first. I hate shopping. Who knows why I decided that was a good idea. So we went to our local produce shopping center and the everything else store. (We always go to two stores.) Then we stopped by the American Craft Warehouse Sale. It was their last day and everything was reduced by another 40%! It was crazy. For $30, I bought 6 12x12" pads of paper, 4 6x6" pads of paper, and 7 12x12 pads of paper that was one paper repeated in a case. It was glorious!
We stopped back at home to drop off everything and then headed to school. It was a good thing we decided to go shopping first because as I eagerly walked down the hall, the anticipatory feeling that the whiteboards would be hung filled me. We walked in. No whiteboards. Grrr. I really hate these construction people.
I stopped the project foreman and asked about the whiteboards/bulletin boards. "Yeah, sorry. I'll have them do your room next." He found the hangers and instructed them to "do the green room next." I'm glad Wolf and I got there around 10 instead of just after 8. We would have been stuck for a couple hours. The hangers didn't get in for another 30 minutes, but they worked really quickly.

As they worked, Wolf and I taped their numbers on the cubby holes.

Here I am sneaking a picture of the bulletin board going up.

 They are beautiful!

As we waited for them to finish, we also put their math books and folders in the assigned cubby holes. We finished around the time they grabbed their gear and left. I have five amazing bulletin boards and two whiteboards. Thankfully they are the same size as the ones at my last school so I knew the fabric I had would work perfectly!

Wolf and I were quick to put up the fabric and my adorable border-ruffled streamers. To hang the fabric, I always pin it first and then staple around the pins. That way, if I need to make adjustments, I just move pins instead of remove staples. It's so much easier if you need to make corrections.
I hung up the streamers with really short pins. They worked perfectly and I didn't have to smash the adorable streamers with a stapler (I hate it when you see stapler imprints). The tips of my fingers still hurt badly from doing that. Brand new bulletin boards are tough and those pin heads are tiny.

Around this time, my wonderful friend Kimberly called. "I'm coming over." She didn't ask or try to set up a time. She knew I would be slaving away and she said she was going to help me. I love friends like that. She was also a wonderful help to have because she is an expert at classroom tables. She has tables in her classroom so she had wonderful hints and tips for my questions. It's also good to have a teacher on hand when arranging classroom supplies in a brand new classroom because they can offer advice on where to put stuff. She helped me position the clothespins for my birthday banner outside my classroom and hang my class dojo banner. Then, she and my husband completely alphabetized my library!

After she left, Wolf and I tidied up. The tables are mostly clear and almost everything is put away. I only have two days left to make my classroom kid ready. Tomorrow we are celebrating my school district's 100th year anniversary! It's kinda exciting, but it will waste almost three hours. Thankfully, we still do not have much in the way of school meetings.

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