29 June, 2015

Woven Paper Baskets

One thing that has been constant throughout my classroom decor since I started teaching is hot air balloons. I use them for my table numbers. Every year they change slightly, but I feel like I almost have them right where I want them. This year I switched out the super cool 3D letters I made out of paper for some super cute glitter numbers I found in the Target dollar section. The other big change this year is the baskets.
I got the idea from this website and got started with brown paper bags, but decided that would be too intense, so I rushed off to the dollar store to grab one of their kraft paper rolls. Unfortunately, there were no plain brown rolls, but I was happy to discover all their kraft rolls are plain on the back.

Each strip was cut 1.5"x14"
I tried folding it in thirds just by eyeing the strip, but I failed miserably. I had to use my cutting mat to help.
 Down to 0.5"

Once I folded 13, I was done and the weaving began.

And I am left with a basket. Put fruit in it. Give your neighbor some cookies in it. Use it as a miniature hot air balloon basket. The options are endless.
It's perfect! 2.5"x2.5"x1.5". I cannot wait to attach them to my balloons and numbers.

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24 June, 2015

End of an Era

On the last day of school, my classroom looked like this:

So boring. So empty. Such a lack of banners and pennants. It's official. I'm done...with my second school. No one dreams of working at three schools in four years (well, maybe they do, but I certainly did not), but an amazing opportunity came up for me to help open a new school just a couple miles away from my last school.

I interviewed for the new school at the end of March. I didn't think much of it. I love my school. I love the culture. I obviously love the patrons. I interviewed as a "why not." Besides, I needed practice interviewing for when my husband drags me away from this beautiful state and somewhere else in a couple of years for our PhD phase.
After interviewing, I realized I really wanted to work for this principal. He is opening up a brand new school which is an amazing opportunity. His vision is aligned with mine. He is energetic and excited and forward thinking. I had to wait about a week to find out the results.
What to do...
Geometry homework?
I did it all. I even did extra housework.

Thirty minutes before school got out that Monday, the new principal dropped by as I was reading Elijah of Buxton to my students. Just like that, he gave me the job.
Such a whirlwind.

Want to see my new classroom as of a month ago?

Looking great, right? Ha. If the school is finished a week before school starts, it will be a miracle.

Now, onto what I've been working on for this fresh, brand new, super clean classroom with stain-free carpet. (Linking up with Monday Made It.)

#1. Magnets.
I seem to have an obsession every year. There have been banner years, clothespin years, and the last several months have been full of decorative magnets.
There has been an amazing scrapbook warehouse sale going on in my area for over six months now. They have adorable embellishments that were perfect to tear the backs off and turn into magnets.

I made...a few the other day. I made over 100 magnets! All of these were made from the darling embellishments I found. The total to make all these magnets was less than $10. I like to buy the small rare earth magnets from Etsy in packs of 50 or 100. They are much stronger and cheaper than the ones from craft stores like Hobby Lobby or Joann's. After putting something on top, they are super cute and easy to pick up.

My favorite ones are made from adhesive badges. When I discovered how much I love them, I went back to find more, but I couldn't find any more. I'll be heading back soon so hopefully more show up.

#2. Brand new alphabet.
I made a cute alphabet out of craft paper and teal cardstock. It was cute, but I was never in love with it. Surprise! More supplies from the warehouse sale. I love the teals that have been in lately. Plus, I was able to get a huge pack of glitter paper (over 100 sheets) for $10. (Can anyone tell how much I love it when this sale rolls around?)

#3. Cubby numbers! When my students pulled off their old cubby numbers, I realized they looked really trashed, but do I really need a reason to make cute labels?


#4. New birthday chart. I love the idea of my birthday chart, but wanted to redo the style.

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