21 March, 2011

Wedding ideas thus far

I have always been really into wedding planning. I have been thinking up ideas ever since I was in high school and now that I actually have the chance to plan my own wedding, it has been hard to narrow down the ideas!
I will post tutorials as I get to making all of these, but here are my favorite ideas so far:

Found here. (All for this penny)

Found here. (My DIY wedding day)

Found here. (My DIY wedding day)

Found here. (Again. DIY Wedding day.)

Found here. (Dollar store crafts)

12 March, 2011

Reasons as to why I am in love

We say the same things at the same time. Several times a day.
We have bizarre nicknames for each other.
He does not care how I act. Generally I live up to his expectation to be a mature 21-year-old, but sometimes you just have to let loose and throw paper off the "catwalk" at the mall or entertain him with monologues or go to Kiwanas after the sun goes down to talk and cuddle and drink sparkling pear juice straight from the cool green glass bottle.
He catches me when I trip over nothing. Even when we're at the symphony.
He crafts with me. {Oh wait. I don't know if he wanted that one to come out of the closet.}
His wit is nearly as clever as mine is.
He will read my mind. This sounds creepy but it actually is rather nice. Just the other day, I just had to say "Would you like to..." and he gave me my answer. The correct answer. Not only did he give me his answer, but he then proceeded to tell me what the rest of my question was. Pretty soon I won't have to talk at all.
He has a gorgeous singing voice.
He has been known to rub my feet as I take finals {online}.
He cooks me anything I would like and it tastes divine. Usually. Everything I have requested him to cook tastes magnificent. Some of the random endeavors he has decided to take on may have teased my palate in the wrong sort of way.
He lets me call him at any time of the day or night. And he has been known to answer when I call him at 4:00 am.
He gives me a piggyback ride whenever I decide to jump on his back. I jump on his back on a fairly frequent basis.
He has caught onto my strange urge for random, poorly thought through pranking tendencies and frequently plays along. Even during the ones that end up in an epic fail.
He has shown me into secret places in the mall that few amateurs have been in.
When it's that time of the month and I am in a bit of pain, he'll stop at a store {without my asking} in the middle of a date to not only get me my choice of painkillers, but also a bottle of water to help wash the pills down.
He is a bigger nerd than I am.
He picked out the most gorgeous ring I could imagine and it only leaves my finger when I do baptisms or when I want to give him a good scare.