12 August, 2015

How to set up a classroom in six days: Day 1

Did you get hired super last minute? Are you a procrastinator? Did you (like me) get an amazing chance to work at a new school, only to be let in a week before school starts?

If you said yes to any of these, this next set of posts is for you.

School starts in one week from today and I was able to move my supplies into my classroom today. Setting up class in a week is tough. I only worked until 3:00 today and then I was spent. It is however possible. (Okay, I'm not actually done yet. This is just a prediction.) I will take you on a journey to prove it to you.
Here are the day 1 highlights:
(This is probably the most boring day. Yawn.)

I pull up to the school, husband close behind. Our Subarus are filled with all the supplies I brought home to revamp and all the crafts I made over the summer. We check in with the janitor to make sure there are no special instructions and start unloading the cars.

I was so excited to see my awesome star tables had been set up the previous night. Aren't they beautiful? More info on them later.

We finished unloading both cars and drove to my old school to load them up again and again and again (three trips total). During one of those trips, a lovely large box appeared in my room.
My district is going to move to TVs instead of projectors in the future. We are the first elementary school to be fitted with these beauties. 70". Not too shabby.

We finished moving everything in just a few hours sans dolly or other rolling apparatus. (Confession: when we moved the boxes full of books, I did steal a chair with wheels on the bottom to roll those into the classroom, but it's just because we were exhausted by that point.)

My classroom was stuffed!

The television was unveiled! At one point I had over a dozen district janitorial/construction crew in my classroom showing each other how to hang it up. It was rather entertaining and a bit freaky when one mentioned that even with the sturdy wall bracket, he thought the TV wasn't as secure as it should be...
Husband told me that I should inform the kids of the first rule of earthquake safety: run away from the television.

We took a lunch break and shortly thereafter, the television was placed upon the wall. The bracket is designed as to be pulled out at an angle so I can permanently or temporarily direct it more towards the class.

We worked through more and more boxes. It took a while for us to get a good rhythm going. We found it was best for my husband to have menial, monotonous tasks while I did the organizing and emptying of boxes.

I spy a Wolf.

My husband convinced me to leave at 3:00 with him (he had work). I am glad I agreed to that. I was getting so exhausted that I would sit on the ground for long periods of time and was not being very productive. Here's our pile of boxes we cleared out.

My classroom isn't even technically done. I'm missing two whiteboards, five (or four-I never got a definitive answer) bulletin boards, the carpet lining that goes on the base of the wall, a 2"x4" piece of carpet, and electrics to be sorted (the skylights only turn on when the lights are on...not terribly useful).
At least I don't teach first or second grade. They were denied access from 11:00 yesterday morning to 9:00 tomorrow morning.

Stay tuned for tomorrow. I hope to get rid of almost all my boxes.

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