28 March, 2012

Tales of an Afternoon Recess

Today I had the honor of being one of the two adults supervising afternoon recess at my darling elementary school. It was a little strange. Children were running, dribbling, swinging, sliding, flirting, chasing, tumbling, flipping, spitting, tripping. You've seen that scene.
I turned into the mean teacher, telling boys to slide down the slide and not to climb up and push their friends off.
I wondered where I would be if I was ten years younger. My group of friends rotated what they did at recess every few weeks. We had basketball phases, tag phases, imaginary game phases, wrap around the pole phases, zip line phases, jumprope phases.
I watched three of my girls dominate in a 3 on 3 basketball game.
Later, one of my darling boys went in for a three-pointer. "This one's for you, Mrs. Jaeger!" He missed. Missed again. Swish!
The fifteen minutes seemed too short.

01 March, 2012


What does the # symbol mean to you?

At work I use it when communicating with our shipping company as a symbol for pounds.
Sometimes I use it on my phone.

On Monday it meant something new to me. Why?

I was sitting in the Covey Center for the Arts waiting for a concert to start. It was a concert my darling husband was performing in. I did not make it to a single one of his concerts last semester and I decided this semester would be different.
On the program, I got super excited when I saw the # symbol. Why? At the bottom of the program there was a key that announced "# indicates concertmaster."
At the top of the violin section was my husband's name.

# Wolfgang Jaeger

I was so proud of him as he did his solo walk across the stage to the applause of the audience. When he tuned the orchestra, I felt frustration at the rather large man who took his seat last minute immediately in front of me, causing me to only have view of far stage right and stage left. Even though I rarely could see my husband during his debut as concertmaster for the UVU chamber orchestra, I was still the proudest wife that I could be.