19 September, 2010

Happiness... a warm gun.
Well, that's what my dear friends John, Paul, George, and Ringo think. I might have to disagree with them.
I am generally a happy person. I do not get discouraged easily. I am able to laugh at myself in almost any situation. I have never had any sort of depression. I love my life and my life seems to love me back.
These past two weeks, however, I have been all over the emotional spectrum. Occasionally I found myself sitting in the middle of my bedroom, cursing at my laundry. ("Stupid laundry. Why do you have to be washed? Why do I have to wear clothes? Why can't I just buy new clothes every day? How come I cannot find a couple hours to just do one load?" I finally got one load done yesterday. I have about three or four left.)
But I have also laughed. Quite a bit. Because my little brother shook his hips for me. (This was right after the action:)
I am not at my house terribly often. It does not help that I have tried to be out of the house every evening this past week. It worked. These are the activities that made me very happy and out of the house in the evening this past week:
Monday~Hip hop dancing.
Tuesday~Temple and...something else...secretive. (Ange, you're the best. You do all the dirty work for me. See, I probably would have been a minute ahead of you because I had to give you directions, and I would have ran into said person. As it stands, it is a good thing it was dark or else said person would have seen my brown car.)
Wednesday~Work. (I had other plans for Wednesday. Other awesome plans that included dancing, but I found out last minute that I had to work. At least I got to see my darling Rachel and have an amazing chat with her.)
Thursday~Ice cream date.
Friday~Tuesdays with Morrie. Amazing play. I absolutely loved it.
Saturday~Iowa v Arizona football game with one of my besties, her boy, a girl I've known since elementary school, and two other boys. (He is cute, Manny. Maybe if I meet him again, he won't be playing a card game so I can legit talk to him.)

Happiness to me? Fresh rolls on Tuesday. (Making bread dough is very soothing to me.)

Picking up Angela on her way home from school. (No, she doesn't go to Cascade. And she is in this picture. Just to the right of the cement dumpster holder things.)

Watching my father look very educated and dignified even when he eats a tv dinner for lunch.

15 September, 2010

I hate breaks.

This is the first semester in which I have changed my schedule after the first day of school.

I added a class on the add/drop deadline.

My teacher of this short block class is probably not going to appreciate that.
I will probably appreciate it less. I have missed the first five classes of eighteen. Hopefully it will not be hard to catch up.
Do you know what this means? This means I work a lot less until October 19. I am possibly down to half the hours as before. Strange. This also means that now on Mondays and Wednesdays I have a four hour block of nothing in my schedule until October 19. This also means that since I finished all my homework that is due within the next week, I have nothing to do. Nothing except to sit on my dad's couch and eat some rolls. (Some amazing rolls. My dad even says so. He's always right.) And listen to the chatter in the main office right outside the door. Listen to one of the girls awkwardly tell all the dudes in the office that "...oh yeah, I'm engaged..." Overhear that one of the dudes has a liver problem. Learn that another office worker consistently does not refrigerate his lunch. All are important facts that greatly enriched my day.
If you live/work/go to school around BYU and you find that you have nothing to do on a Monday or Wednesday anytime between 9 and 1, you should be a good Samaritan and find me. I will probably still be on my dad's couch. I will be the one covered in cobwebs.

Three hours down, one to go.