23 April, 2012

Classical Mystery Tour

The Classical Mystery Tour is dying to take you away.

On Saturday Wolfgang and I headed to they symphony. This is not unusual for us; we attend the symphony several around a half dozen times a year. This time, however, was unusual in the content.

A Beatles look alike group (Classical Mystery Tour) was featured with the symphony to give us an evening of Beatles music.

I LOVED it. Their sound was similar to Ringo, John, Paul, and George although their Ringo sang quite a bit more than the real Ringo sang in their day.

Wolf put up with me squealing, "I love this song!" every time a new song began to play and even seemed to enjoy himself. He was not raised on the Beatles as I was.

When it comes to tribute bands, Classical Mystery Tour is up there. They featured two songs that are not technically Beatles songs, but Live and Let Die as well as Imagine were played so beautifully that I did not mind.

08 April, 2012

Back to Elementary School

I week ago I posted that I had a bad case of food poisoning. Real bad. Like I threw up twice and my darling hubby cleaned it up for me and gave me a blessing bad. I love my Wolf.
Well, Monday rolled around and I was not having the best morning. I felt wretched. If it had been any other day I would have stayed in bed. Staying in bed is not an option when you have fifteen minutes to impress principals enough to hire you.
I got to school and thankfully my illness prohibited me from feeling nervous. My students helped put me at ease and my darling cohort friend, Brooke, even offered to drive us to the interview.
After locating where the nearest bathroom was to the interviewing rooms (just in case), we marched in the first room of principals and facilitators. Fifteen minutes went by and I felt calm and relaxed. No sick feelings for me! Room number two's fifteen minutes brought about queazy feelings. I held my stomach and prayed with all my might. I had already run an excuse with my friends I was interviewing with. In case of me needing to leave in a rush, they would tell the principals I just cared too much about the students and needed a minute. I love those girls.
I left the second room feeling relieved.
We chatted with our professors that had come to the interview. They told us we would receive a call that same day. If it was a 702 number, we were not supposed to answer it. It would be one of the professors telling us we were a no go and "it will just be better for us both if you do not answer."
Brooke and I lunched at Kneaders. Well, Brooke lunched and I nibbled on bread and sipped Sprite thinking to myself how happy Wolf was going to be because I was brining home a loaf of ciabatta.
We knew not to expect a call the rest of the time we were in the school, but I still checked on occasion. I was glad that my mentor teacher was teaching the rest of the day.
On my way to work, I called Wolf to tell him about how things were going. He offered to meet me at work for about an hour to make sure my mind was off the phone call I was going to receive later and to have someone to babble to. Wolf arrived at the office just after I did and sat patiently as I discussed the usual with my girls.
A customer called to ask questions about pettiskirts (who cares about pettiskirts at a time like this?) and I patiently told her the information she had already received. As I talked, I happened to look at my cell phone. Someone was calling me. It was an 801 number.
I froze.
"Hey, can I put you on hold for just a second?" Pretty, pretty please?
I put my thumb over the speaker of the work phone and picked up my cell.
"Laura? This is Aaron Stevenson." I froze and seriously almost peed my pants. Aaron was my principal at Orchard.
He went on to offer me an intern position. The intern position that I wanted. The one that I dreamed about but did not think about too much for fear of not receiving it. 4th grade. My old elementary school. Everything was perfect.
Wolf was chuckling to himself a bit during the brief conversation I had with my future boss. I was dancing in place and could not stop smiling.
I hung up with Mr. Stevenson and then quickly finished my call with the customer.
"I got it! I'm at Orchard!"
"Fourth grade!"
I think I squealed a bit. Loud enough for my coworkers in the other room to hear.
How many people get to work their dream job? I think I am a pretty lucky girl.

Oh, and if you have any school supplies or books that you would like to donate, I will not say no.

01 April, 2012

The second worst day to be sick in April

What have you done to distract your body?
Today I woke up with that ever so familiar pain in my abdomen. Something I ate yesterday was fighting with my digestive system. Usually if I ignore it, it goes away within a couple hours. Wolf and I ate some German apple pancakes and settled down to watch conference. After being spiritually uplifted and feeling extra edified, I curled up in bed and consequently fell asleep. About 45 minutes after I dozed off, Wolf came to wake me up. I thought it was just a dream because I could have sworn he started to talk to me about the metric system. Strange. He told me that he came in, rubbed my back, and after I woke up, I turned on my stomach and would not look at him. Assuming I was upset with him, he left.
I got up and felt even worse than in the morning. We watched the last session of conference, I ate some Indian food, and got ready to head to my parents'.
Halfway across Orem, Wolf announced he wasn't feeling terribly well and would I mind if he sat this one out? Obvious concerned wife answer here.
Once at my childhood home, I began to feel worse. I only ate a bit of food and wanted to be curled up in my bed again.
I stayed for only a couple of hours and then my darling cousin Christine offered to take me home. She dropped me off at my adorable apartment complex and I scampered up to my apartment, very eager to get to where a toilet was. I rang the doorbell as I had not taken my keys. No answer. I knocked an annoying knock like you do when you are at someone's house you know very well. No answer. I called Wolf. He was just leaving Pleasant Grove.
Oh dear.
In my mind I was calculating how much time I had to stand there. 15-20 minutes. I was holding some clothes that I brought back from my dad's (about half of my shoe collection is still in my old bedroom). I started to get nervous. Something was not happy in my stomach and it wanted out. Rocking my body, I studied the door. I breathed through my mouth. Anything to keep my mind off of the explosion about to happen. I started to become aware that I might spew in front of my door. I know our next door neighbors relatively well, but how do you explain that you need to use their toilet to throw up because your husband was supposed to be home when you arrived but he had to leave and now you are locked out? I could tell they were not home anyways. I began to bounce a little more, trying to soothe my body. Where would I go that was close by where I could throw up?
Then the emotions began. I have always had a history of crying just before and just after I throw up. I prayed fervently that nobody would walk by before my husband arrived. Finally, just as I was deciding which piece of clothing I was least attached to so as not to get anything on the floor, I heard a car park in the parking lot and a very hurried person approaching the building.
It had to be.
If it wasn't, I would beg them to allow me to use their facilities.
Seeing Wolf rush up quickened the emotions. He opened the door and I rushed in, dumping everything on the floor and running into the bathroom.
I barely made it.
My darling husband cleaned up and fed me medicine. I am so thankful for him.
Lots of students I know of, when they get sick, they just want to be home with their mom or someone else taking care of them. The last time I remember my mother taking care of me when I was sick was when I was about 5 or 6 and I was bad enough that I was hallucinating. I have gotten used to being so independent that it feels nice to have someone take care of you when you are unwell.

Prayers and well wishes that I will get better by tomorrow are acceptable; I will be at the most nerve wracking interview of my life so far and I cannot let anything pull me down.