17 July, 2011

A bit of a problem

I have a problem in my relationship right now.
I have only cooked the husby and myself one (and a few halves of a) meal.
I have yet to do a load of laundry.
I make the bed 1 in 7 times.
I do clean, but it is only what he does not have time for.
If I need anything and we happen to be together, he makes me stay put and he gets it.

I feel way too pampered to be married.

Granted, I am in school right now and he gets most of this done in the hours he spends alone. This will probably all change when fall semester starts and we both will be gone most of the day. (At least I will be the first one home so I can finally start doing things.)

06 July, 2011

I might just be old-fashioned

You know those things that you take very seriously?
More seriously than just about anything else?
You believe that they should not be joked about and not rushed into?
Something that takes a decision that should take at least a year and up to a lifetime of thought and preparation?
It irks me greatly when someone else treats it as though it was a party or an informal brunch. They do it last second and it makes you think that they have not fully thought about this serious thing; it makes me think that they are not mature enough. Don't get me wrong, it is a joyous occasion, but it should not be something you decided to do a couple days ago. It should not be an event you invite everyone you can think of to. It should be you and the few people you are closet to. People that you will stay connected with for longer than a few months or you have a stronger connection with them than just Facebook because they are either your absolute closest friends or your family.
I feel guilty feeling upset about this, particularly because of who it involves, but I need my feelings made known to more people than just my husband. So for all nine followers that will eventually read this, know that I am a little upset, but also know that I am trying to get over this so I can support someone I love tonight feeling peaceful and full of love.

03 July, 2011