17 December, 2011

My Tiny Tim Moment

It all started with our trip to Ikea.
Wolf and I headed up to Draper to pick up glass bottles for part of some Christmas presents. We also picked up some cheap storage for all my crafting supplies, new dishes, and Christmas supplies.
Wolf was getting sick of my dozens of boxes lined up in our spare room. Even though we got quite a bit of storage, I have a feeling that it will still not hold all my crafting supplies...
On our drive home, we had to stop at the mall. We got a sweet new game (Pandemic) from my favorite game store in the world (Games People Play).
The whole reason we had to stop by the mall was to grab a bunch of boxes the girls at the kiosk had been hard at work with. Boxes like the ones seen in the below picture.
There were probably about 50 boxes that Wolf and I had to take out to his car. We did not want to make more than one trip so we did what any good couple would have done; we "borrowed" a wheelchair. I pushed out a very full wheelchair while he carried a large, falling apart, black trash bag.
One trip.
The boxes were shoved in every crevice of his car that was not taken up by Ikea merchandise. We had a very full car.
On our way back in to take the wheelchair to its resting place, Wolf offered me a ride.
I got in the chair and as we got up to the doors of the mall, we ran into a crowd. A man opened the door for me and everyone else in his group awkwardly moved out of the way to let the gimp and her escort back in. I put on the cheesiest smile I could muster up.
"Thank you so much, sir!"
"No problem."
"You have a Merry Christmas!"
" too....."
I was half tempted to throw in a "God bless you" but I thought that would be going a little overboard.

Wolf thought the whole thing was a little overboard, but I am good at creating awkward moments and I relish them.