02 July, 2013

Welcome {sign}

I rather enjoy pennants/bunting. I had pennants at my wedding reception two years ago, I have pennants in my apartment, and I have pennants in my classroom.
I have been making pennants now for several years. Almost all of them have been the standard triangle (or square or circle) attached to string somehow. Last year I made an awesome one for the 100th day of school which I of course did not take a picture of and the fancy guy now sits in my classroom many miles away.
I decided to go a little crazy on a pennant and see how it turned out. I love it.
Here is what you need for a multi-layered pennant.

5 types of paper (One cut into 6" circles, I folded into an accordion folded rosette with a diameter of 5",  one cut into a scalloped circle of just over 3", one cut into a circle with a diameter of 3", and the last type of paper cut into letters that will fit in the smallest circle.)
Streamer paper
Stick-on pearl beads

Assembly is pretty logical. You want the biggest circle at the back and the smallest at the front. The only problem was that I had a large gap between the rosette and the scalloped circle. That is where the streamers come into play.
I taped one end of the streamer to the other end so it formed a loop. Then I started to scrunch together one edge of my loop.

Eventually I was able to flatten the loop completely. After taping it down, it fit perfectly in the gap.

I assembled it with hot glue and put three beads somewhere on each letter.

There you have it. A slightly more complex pennant. When it is completely finished (it will eventually say "Welcome to Mrs. Jaeger's class") I will hang it up with clothes pins onto some butcher's twine.

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