08 July, 2013

Jewelry Holder

This week, I completed two projects (and nearly finished many others). Only one was for my classroom. It is a darling welcome sign.

The other was a jewelry holder.
I have this darling small set of drawers I received from my mother that I used to use for jewelry storage. It is beautiful, but whenever I keep my jewelry hidden away, I forget to put it on. I wanted to create storage that would showcase what I had and also keep it off the dresser.
I headed to Lowe's and bought a vent cover, two metal plates with holes screwed in it, and s hooks.

The assembly was super simple. I went around the outside edge of the vent and the plates with washi tape then and then hooked the plates to the vent with s hooks.

After I hooked the vent to the wall with removable Velcro, I attached more s hooks to hang up necklaces and then put my stud earrings on the metal places.

It looks like I became bored with a heat vent.


  1. I am making a transition to 5th this year, too! Excited to follow your journey :)

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