06 July, 2013

More pics and what my students thought of me

According to the janitors, I am official.

I finally brought the rest of my classroom stuff to my classroom. Hopefully I will be in this classroom for several more years because I am sick of moving.

While moving everything to and from the car, it felt like more than this.

I feel as though I need to fill up the rest of my storage that is not hidden away.

My little student supply area tucked away in a corner

I found some more boxes to put in my storage, but it's not enough yet.

Anyways...The last week of school, I asked my lovely students to write a letter to one of my future students to describe what they can expect in my class. I finally had time to read through them and thought they were hilarious. And strange. Some of them wrote that I get crazy if I eat sugar. Not sure where they got that from. I never really ate sugar at school.
Here are some highlights:
"She will tell random jokes that no one understands."
"NEVER turn your homework in late."
"She makes up songs at random times."
"She is very sarcastic."
"She mostly does crazy things in class and she sings what we're talking about."
"I've got to warn you, buy some listening ears because she can talk for hours!" (I was a little confused by this one until I read the rest of the girl's letter and realized she exaggerated everything she said.)
"Be careful, she might catch you when you have juice in a water bottle or pass notes." (Yeah. I once caught a girl with a dark liquid in her clear water bottle. When I asked her about it, she told me she put in the wrong drink that morning...)
"Now see here, don't get her name wrong. Pretend the j is an e."
"Always look forward to greeting her."
"She has cool brothers and sisters."
"She is insane (but not clinically)." (This one is my husband's favorite.)
"She sometimes spits water on the floor."
"She cares about your grades and that you are learning."
"She loves the Beatles"
"She is only strict when she has to be."
"You might want to bring cupcakes for your birthday because she can fit a whole cupcake in her mouth."
"Her pure awesomeness may be too much for you."
"Turn in your homework or else."
"One day she pushed her stool on the floor in the in the middle of an earthquake drill." (It also just so happened to coincide with the exact moment the principal walked in the door.)
"She sometimes jumps out the door."
"If you ever want to irritate her, don't. That's how I got in the principal's office." (The two were unrelated. Promise.)
"Just to give you a heads up, she knows where you live so don't mess with her."
"Don't let her jump in the hall with jazz hands." favorite letter. I miss those kids.

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