14 July, 2013

Just a few things I made and how I fixed my lamination

This week, I was a little slow in making things. I put up my bulletin board fabrics and went to meetings instead.
I did, however, make two decorations for my classroom.
The first is a sign I will put over all the supplies I have for my students. I just cut out the letters and the banners then assembled it with washi tape on the top and bottom.

The other quick make is a calendar. I grabbed a pocket chart from the dollar store as my base. Then I cut out the numbers, days of the week, and cards for the months. It took a while but I wrote the names of the months down in a (hopefully) cute handwriting with an adorable green marker.

My cute husband thought I used different colors for the different seasons. If you want to think I did it that way, then do so. I will seem cooler to you.

The last thing I did was to fix my lamination.
I love the place I get to laminate all my stuff. They are practically across the street from where I live and they have always done an excellent job. I just had one slight problem the last time I went in. Let's take a look, shall we?
I had the darling lady at the lamination place laminate my new "clip" chart (something I will debut later). When I arrived home, I noticed something. Can you spot it?

Let's zoom in a bit.

Ah ha! The lamination on this part was not sealed. Now, as lovely teachers, you probably all know the fix to this, but I was not quite sure what to do. This is for anyone out there who is a lost lamination soul like I was.
Take your local iron and turn it to a low setting. Then, sandwich your failed lamination between a cardboard box and a piece of paper and then go over it once or twice. Seriously it was that simple. It took all of 5 seconds.

(And, no, this is not an ad for Black and Decker.)


  1. Love your calendar. I have never thought about using a pocket chart for that and actually found a few extra ones today. Now I know what to do with them. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks so much for the lamination tip - I never thought of using an iron. I am SURE that trick will save the day for me! Enjoyed your post!

    Mrs. Z & Company

  3. Thans for sharing the lamination tip! I've never heard that before.
    la Señorita Creativa

  4. I like you "creation station" label for your supplies. I just jotted a note to remember that. As for fixing the lamination, I didn't know that trick but teachers are definitely resourceful problem solvers :-)

    room 4 imagination

  5. Thanks for sharing the laminating fix. I never knew that! I need to get back to school now just to try! :)

    Have a wonderful evening,
    • Carson's Creations •