10 June, 2012


My brain is consistently filled with different ideas for my classroom. I received the keys to my new home on June 1st and ever since then, I go over whenever I have a spare couple of hours. The first time I went into the room, I found all sorts of treats awaiting me. Literally. There was probably over a pound of candy in different nooks and crannies. I ate a bag of Jelly Bellies and threw the rest of the candy away. (I've been warned by my mentor teacher to eat healthy and exercise or else I will become overweight like the stereotypical school teacher.) I have filled up two large trash cans full of stuff to throw away and will probably stuff junk into at least two more.
My darling next room neighbor informed me that he was retiring and offered me all his math gear and his entire library. I was bummed to hear he was retiring--he is such a darling man--but ecstatic to hear that I would inherit so many supplies. My classroom library is expanding. I probably have around 400 books for my incoming 4th graders. Once I go through his books, that number will increase by at least 100. (There are also the hundreds of books I inherited by being an intern at my school, but since I have to leave those books in the classroom when I leave, I do not include them in my count.)
I have so much to decide in the next 2 months. What will my discipline plan be? How will I arrange the desks to seat 36 students? (Yes. I will have between 35 and 37 4th graders to educate and entertain.) When do I want to have my class meetings? What should my grading policy be? And--the one that is stressing me out the most right now--what will my classroom look like?
I have asked many of my fellow interns what the theme of their classroom is going to be. I went through many ideas. Owls. Safari. Utah. Ancient civilizations. The Beatles. Penguins. I have finally decided on a vintage/literal old school theme. Curious to see how it will turn out? So am I.
Here are some of my inspiration photos.

Any suggestions?


  1. That's a really cool idea. I like it. People should read/comment on your blog more often, methinks. :)

    Oh, and, hi!

  2. Jason, my friend, thank you.
    Hello back to you. It's been a while.

    Oh, and even if your name was not written, I think I could have recognized your comment by your word usage and syntax.