23 June, 2012

Teacher clothes

Guys. I have a problem. I need more teacher clothing. Don't get me wrong; I do not dress trashy or anything. In fact, I rarely ever wear t-shirts. Other than working out, I wear them at most once a month. I like the way I dress, but I need more professional clothes.
Cue my friend Zulily. Zulily is a baby, kid, and mom discount website. I have purchased gear for my nephews and myself on it. They usually have pretty good deals for well known companies. (Kalencom, Melissa and Doug, Disney, Anchor Hocking, Quicksilver, Lego, Mudpie, etc.) I have had a couple of not-so-good experiences with them, but they have amazing customer service and take care of things quickly. A few weeks ago, they were featuring DownEast. DownEast has some great candidates for teacher clothes. I got to shopping and bought these gems.
This one reminds me of an old-fashioned ice cream parlor outfit.

Love the flowers almost as much as I love ruffles.

Love it except for one slight problem...

(Picture this dress in a tan and brown pattern.) I will have to add a ruffle(!) to the bottom to make it long enough

(Wolf picked this skirt out)

I got all of them yesterday and I am in love. The only problems is that I had to get the brown skirt and polka dot dress in a size medium because they were out of small. I'll have to put darts in the dress because the bust is way too big and I will need a nice belt for the skirt. One tug from a student to get my attention may pull it down.

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