23 April, 2012

Classical Mystery Tour

The Classical Mystery Tour is dying to take you away.

On Saturday Wolfgang and I headed to they symphony. This is not unusual for us; we attend the symphony several around a half dozen times a year. This time, however, was unusual in the content.

A Beatles look alike group (Classical Mystery Tour) was featured with the symphony to give us an evening of Beatles music.

I LOVED it. Their sound was similar to Ringo, John, Paul, and George although their Ringo sang quite a bit more than the real Ringo sang in their day.

Wolf put up with me squealing, "I love this song!" every time a new song began to play and even seemed to enjoy himself. He was not raised on the Beatles as I was.

When it comes to tribute bands, Classical Mystery Tour is up there. They featured two songs that are not technically Beatles songs, but Live and Let Die as well as Imagine were played so beautifully that I did not mind.

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