30 January, 2012

Birthdays past

It's my birthday! Go eat something sweet and listen to my favorite birthday song by the Beatles.
What are my big plans for today?
1. Go eat lunch with my bff Angi at the Pendulum Court. Sounds fancy? It's in the science center at BYU.
2. Get picked up by my darling husband from school.
3. Do something fun...yet to be determined.
4. Eat at Tucanos.
5. Do something else fun.
6. Possibly make cupcakes and eat a lot of them.

Sounds awesome? It makes me think about what I have done in the past for my birthdays. Curious? Sit down and enjoy. You can guess how old I was for each of these.
-One birthday, my siblings opened all my presents for me. I was quite capable of doing it, but they were just too excited to wait for my slow hands to tear off the paper.
- I had a friend birthday party with a dress up theme. All the little girls showed up as princesses except for my best friend Rachel. She came as a lion.
-My entire family went to the Utah Fun Dome (formally known as the 49th Street Galleria).
-My entire family went to see....the Lion King.
-I had a sleepover with my closest of friends.
-Two years in a row, I threw myself awesome parties. One year was Beatles themed and the other year was just a rocking party. (My brother still remembers how loudly and gross my friend Justin sang.)
-My family decided to throw a surprise party for me but I figured it out in the early stages of them planning it. I would like to apologize again to anyone I gave a hard time to because I knew what they were up to.
-Last but not least, my most memorable birthday. I threw myself a surprise party. I wrote about it eons ago here. (Don't judge me. It's not my best work.)

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