05 February, 2012

Why I love My Husband

Once upon my birthday, my darling Wolf took work off so we could play in the afternoon and evening. He bought me the coolest machine ever which I fully plan on using as soon as I put our new place together. (Cake pops. Need I say more?)
We were both absolutely exhausted as two full time college students with 3/4 time jobs are bound to be partway through the semester. As we sat in bed (I basically live in my bed. I eat in bed, do homework in bed, craft in bed, etc. I know it is a bad habit and I am trying to get out of it.) he asked what I wanted to do that afternoon.
"I don't know. Maybe go out to dinner a little early to avoid the dinner rush and then hang out with Mik and Ange." I turned to look at him. He was sleeping. He fell asleep in the five seconds it took for me to answer his question.
I grabbed my phone and started to play games on it until he woke up ten minutes later.
"So did you decide what you want to do?"
"Well, dinner and then play with my sibs."
I watched him that time. He once again fell asleep before I could get out my shortened sentence. Am I really that boring soothing?
Twenty minutes later, he woke up. Again.
"What do you want to do on your birthday?"
I didn't answer him this time because I assumed he would be snoozing before I could abbreviate my plans to him. After several seconds, he startled me. "Well?"

Has anyone fell asleep during a conversation with you? Twice?

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