22 January, 2012

Cooking: A Dying Art Form

Okay, so cooking really is not a dying art form for lots of the world, but it has been for me ever since June 2, 2011. ("Wait! Isn't that when you got married?") How very observant of you.
Once upon a time, I got married to my handsome chef musician redhead prince and I stopped cooking. Mr. Handsome chef musician redhead prince was not only one of the best chefs west of the Mississippi, but he adored cooking. He will even cook me meat even though he is a vegetarian.
It made sense for Wolf to cook when we were first married. I was going to school and working, but he only had work. Once fall semester started, we were already in the habit of enjoying his gourmet meals so I have really only cooked five or six times (and that is being generous) until this weekend.
Following is my meandering monologue of how I came to cook as much as all the meals added together in the 7.5 months preceding this weekend.
On Tuesday my Wolf had a tickle in his throat but he still cooked for me.
By Thursday darling Wolf could tell the tickle was turning into something mightily nastier but he still cooked up dan dan noodles (try it; you won't be sorry), tres leche cake, and helped me make spring rolls for a dinner with my brother Mark and Jill.
Thursday evening poor Wolf collapsed.
Friday brought on a school-less day for Wolf, and by the time I got home from my day, we were both exhausted and opted for take out from our wonderful neighborhood Brick Oven.
Saturday arrived with Wolf feeling even worse and I was craving ATK's German Apple Pancakes (sorry, you have to be a member to see the link. Google it and you can find a recipe. That was an order. Google it and find that recipe.) I made it and we both were in heaven as we finished the entire batch in under five minutes. (I also burned my hand pretty badly, but that's another story.)

I heated up leftovers for the rest of my meals and begged Wolf to eat anything.
Fast forward to today.
I head off to church with my wonderful brother because my car doors are frozen shut (thank you Mark!)
As I get home, I am craving cupcakes like something bad. (Thank you Jill...)
Instead I go for Smitten Kitchen's homemade oreos.

They are amazing. Trust me. Try every single one of these recipes that I list. They are some of my favorites.
Dinner? ATK's Nut-Crusted Chicken Cutlets with oregano. It was easily the best crusted chicken I have ever eaten in my life.

I now feel like a successful housewife.
My house is clean, my husband is almost all the way better, and I have successfully created (or helped create) several delicious delicacies.

Oh, and if you want an oreo, I have several sitting on a plate in my kitchen. We still have some tres leche cake in the fridge and do not need this many sweets. Please. Take them off my hands.

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  1. Thanks for posting the recipe! I definitely want to try making it.