18 January, 2012

I'm movin' out.

Billy Joel, how nice of you to describe it perfectly.
Just over a week ago, my husband got the call from our landlady. Because Wolfie promised to do a blog post about this, I will just say that we were told we had to move. in. less. than. 30. days.
I hate moving. Abhor it. I hate packing up everything, leaving nothing except a few memories and driving down the street to a new place. Then it takes a few days to unpack everything and remember where you unpacked everything.
Now I get the opportunity to move in the middle of a semester.
I have done that once before, but it was my single little self moving a few weeks into an easy semester. The move took all of four hours.
This time, it will be one month into a harder semester with more hours at work and more junk to move. Two little newlyweds can accumulate quite a bit of junk. Especially two little newlyweds that have more kitchen gadgets then you have in your kitchen. (I would almost be willing to make a bet on that. Unless you are a professional chef.)
My darling Wolf thinks it will only take a few hours.
I love his innocent optimism.
Where is it that we are moving? Back to my favorite city. O-Town. I love Orem. I love it more than I hate moving. I love that in some parts of it there will be two feet of snow but in another part, it will be bare. I love that it blooms at different times in the spring.
Where more specifically? Close enough to the mall that we can see it out of our gorgeous large windows in our living room and spare bedroom.
It makes sense; I have less than two months left at BYU, I work in AF, Wolfie works at the mall, and he has over a year left at UVU.
If you never visited me at my current place, you have just about two weeks left in which to do so.
Come visit me.
Come visit me any evening--except Friday--and entertain me while my husband is at work.


  1. We won't be coming to Utah this week, but if you're looking for entertainment, the boys always find it entertaining to Skype with you. Hugs, Rebecca

  2. I did not know you had a blog! Which I am happy I found out now so I can follow you since you will be moving so far away!!! Oh and you are coming to pick me up in 10 minutes for visiting teaching.