16 June, 2013

End of a school year and a new blog name

Well. It happened.
The school year ended.
I cannot believe that 180 days could have gone by so quickly. I miss those precious 4th graders already. I bawled on the last day of school. The worst part is that I will not get to see them since I am changing schools next year.

That leads me to the name change of the blog. When I received a map of my new school, I discovered that I am going to be in a classroom with the same room number as my old class. Room 125. Hallelujah! I thought it was too amazing; I had to do something about it. Hence the name change.

Now I leave you with a picture of my sadly empty room. (I had to be out the day school was over.)

I am going to miss that classroom, but I will most definitely NOT miss its serious lack of storage. (What you see in the back is about 2/5 of the built in storage that I had.) No sink. No drinking fountain. Hopefully I will have pics of my new classroom this week.

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