26 June, 2013

Birthday Box

Many years ago, I received this awesome box. I loved that box. I kept all my favorite notes and awards in that box. I re found it the other day. After glancing at everything, I admit, I tossed it all. I can just tell my future children about all my awesome 4H ribbons.

Once I found the box, I knew I would have to use it in my classroom somehow. There was only one slight problem with it. Do you see the problem?

Yup. In the bottom corner of the box, something...did something. It looks absolutely gross. It really is not that bad. (Although because of this gunk that ate away at the paper, you can see that the box is made of wood.)

I really could not think of anything to do with it. I did not want to have to commit to something that I may only use this next year. I thought of something I know for sure I will be doing year after year after year. Birthdays! I grabbed some vinyl and cut out some cute pink vinyl for the top.

For the inside, I carefully cut out paper that matched perfectly with the teal and purple color scheme. I decided to go with a quote from my favorite birthday song. (Once I cut out the light blue, I realized I didn't actually want that color; I had been planning on doing yellow. Ugh. I hate to wasted it. All 3 inches.)

This is the bottom part that looked disgusting. Pretty nicely covered up.

And a look inside the entire thing.

I like it. Last year for birthdays, all I did was write them a letter, give them a pencil, and bind a book full of birthday wishes from their peers. I think I may have to up the celebration stuff this year. I will put a variety of birthday present choices in the box and let them choose.

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  1. Your birthday box is ADORABLE! I love it. Such a great idea!!

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