14 January, 2013

The student who was there...

The last day before the break, I received a note from the lovely secretaries that I was losing a student. E had moved twice during the school year and had to walk over a mile to and from school each day. His mother, understandably, was sick of the walks. I sadly signed the papers. He left that day without a goodbye and I thought I would never see him again. The day after the break came and went. I cleaned out his desk and threw everything away. I moved on. When the following day arrived, I received word that I would receive a new student. I took the old student's desk and prepped it for a new student. As I chatted with a coworker, explaining all the arrivals and departures I have had recently, I happened to throw out, "Well, E moved so the new student will bring me back up to 32." As I said that, we walked into the office to see my student, E, sitting there. Awkward. "Uh....E! What are you doing here?" How do you explain to a nine-year-old that you tossed all their belongings and gave their desk away? Apparently his mother did not realize that they were supposed to move back in December. Okay. I can deal with this student in my class for one random day. The day came and went. He left. I hugged him goodbye and wished him well. He was back the next day. I was so confused. I finally got the vice principal to call his mother to tell her I do not run a day care for students that randomly want to show up. That darling boy approached me as the school day ended to inquire about homework due the next day. Lovely boy.

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