20 January, 2013

A birthday cake and Valentines Day decor

Every second sunday of each month, my family gets together and celebrates whoever's birthday is in that month. Last week, we were able to celebrate one of my nephews birthday as well as my own. This called for a birthday cake.
My favorite cake recipe is ATK's flourless chocolate cake layer of their triple mousse chocolate cake. It is divine. Because it was my birthday, and one always wants the best for one's self, I went ahead and made it.
It is an intense cake. A dozen eggs. Flourless chocolaty goodness. I made the three layers of cake and Mr. Wolfgang helped with the two layers of mousse we stuck in the middle. This is the third or fourth time we've made this cake. It tastes much better if you can made it a day in advance. This time, along with the chocolate ganache, I adorned the side with a layer of toasted, slivered almonds.

Even though we had well over 16 people at this dinner, we still only finished off just over 1/2 of the cake. This baby is rich.

Yesterday I made a red ruffled topiary to help with Valentines Day decor.

I was beginning to make a second one, but I broke my sewing machine needle. I haven't done that in years. Seriously. I don't think I broke one in high school or even junior high. I couldn't find my spares so I have to do with just one adorable topiary for the present.

Even though I used 1 1/2" satin ribbon for the ruffles, they still showed some of the white foam ball under. I just took some short needles to pin down some of the white. I'm tempted to change those out in place of needles that have white spherical heads.

We also moved this lovely sign that I made about a year ago. I love it even more than when I made it. (And my husband does not even mind that I have a Beatles quote up in our place!)

We stuck it up just above our television. (We also possibly may not have taken down all of our Christmas decorations. At least the tree is down finally.)

 I also still have my adorable ruffled wreath up. With its white and red coloring, it fits in perfectly for Valentines Day decor.

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