05 February, 2012

Craft for a Super Bowl Sunday

Yesterday I agreed to "do homework" with a friend from school. No, I am not quotation happy tonight. She told her husband that we were going to do homework so that she could work on a Valentine craft for him. We stopped at Hobby Lobby to grab some supplies for her and I picked up things that I needed including materials to make this lovely craft:

My favorite love quote. Thank you John Lennon.
Isn't it adorable? I got the idea from the Happy Scraps. Macey was able to work on an adorable present for her husband and I was able to start working on this last night. (Okay. I might have also worked on a present for my husband too, but since I know Wolf reads this blog on occasion, I cannot exactly post about that. Even though what I was working on is also adorable and can easily be altered into something you can make for students.)

The colors are a little funny in all the pictures. The red is a dark cranberry and the floral design for the O is more of a cream colored background.
I traced the letters onto scrapbook paper and then cut them out by hand. For the flags, hearts, and letters, I used my lovely Silhouette to cut them out and then used a red and white floss to string them together.
I probably should have worked more on unpacking instead of making this, but parts of your house can look cute while your living room has most your possessions boxed up, right?

Last night made me realize that I need to find more people to craft with! Please please please even if you are somewhat slightly interested in any type of crafting, call me. I want to do it with you.


  1. You are so cute. My crafty-ness includes friendship bracelets, but maybe you can teach me?? :)

  2. Kelli, definitely! I am studying to become a teacher, you know.
    Tina, let's get this party started. Bring your baby and we'll craft!