06 November, 2010


I want to marry a black man. Not even kidding you. Why? They are so attractive. And then I can have tan little babies.
That or a Ukrainian ballroom dancer.
I could see myself being tight with my cute little Vietnamese math lab TA. He is just so adorably nerdy with a slight twist of being socially awkward.
I am the only Sederberg under the age of 57 in Utah right now. Has this ever happened to me before? Nope.
I love to make people laugh. This means that I love being around people that laugh easily. (Hi, Maria!) Last night was a good night for me. Crepe party. Hosted by one of my best friends. After my little work fiasco (I did not think I would be inside the mall at 10:00 until the holiday hour change), I absolutely loved every minute of the night.
The three questions my roommates ask me most frequently: "Who's your boyfriend this week?" (I don't know about this one.) "Who are you going out with tonight?" (Apparently I dress up all the time. I like the way I dress.) "Do you ever eat anything that isn't healthy?" (Thank you, whole wheat bread, homemade granola, produce, and everything else in my cupboard.)
I am glad I never bought that sweet coat. The car mechanic's fee was twice the amount of the coat. Sometimes I dislike being an adult.
My schedule for next semester is comprised of theater, dance, p.e., math, art, and music. Could it be any better?
I never again want to be in the mall on Halloween night. It was disgusting. Thousands of people in one slowly moving line, walking around the mall. My friend works at the customer information desk and he told me that lots of kids were lost. "Well, what is your son wearing?" "A Dracula costume." Just like a couple dozen other kids.
My cousin is Juliet for the next month or so at BYU (starting on the 10). Go see her and then tell her how absolutely amazing she is.
I miss my baby brother and sister. Especially in moments like last night when I got to see the interaction between one of my besties and her freshman brother.


  1. ahahah please marry a black man! your babies would be sooo cute! I am pretty sure I would be jealous!

  2. Hi Laura! Thanks for making me laugh!