25 November, 2010


What am I thankful for?These adorable 4 1/2 inchers that I bought yesterday. Mmmm. They are the first peeptoe shoes that I've bought.
My fambam. Every single one of you. Siblings, parents, nephews, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents. You know who you are. I really do appreciate you.
All my amazing friends. The ones I see on a regular basis and the ones that I rarely see. New and old. I love them all. A shout out to two in particular? Audra Campbell and Julia Blackham. My life would be rather boring without them and they are two of my absolute best friends ever. I could talk to them about anything and I respect their opinions more than pretty much anyone else. Though sometimes I do not get to see them on a terribly frequent basis, I know that I can always count on them.
My school. I have a rather intense obsession with BYU. I love it. I love learning. I feel privileged to be going there.
My religion. I would be a very different person without it.
The chocolate pecan pie in the oven. I hope it turns out.
My talents. Whatever they are. (And by "whatever they are" I mean all the various ones I have. I'm not doing a pity party for myself. )
My job and the fact that my boss trusts me so much and respects what I have to say. It's no joke when I say that I call her more than anyone else. (I don't make very many phone calls.) She is a very intelligent woman and the sweetest lady in the world.
Music. Chopin is my hero. Paul McCartney is a stud. John Mayer is really good live.
My very warm bedroom at my parents.

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