03 November, 2010

Hello, November

I want to be the same.
The same as what?
The same as people who aren't different.
Don't you just love your favorite movie? Whatever it is? Mine has some pretty sweet quotes from it.

Today I saw a fender bender. Well, I didn't actually see it, but I did see a car move out of the corner of my eye and when I next looked over, a guy was getting out of his car. Three cars were involved. A truck was the initiator of the whole shebang. The middle car seemed to have the most damage, but the car in front was new enough to not have a license plate on. Yikes.

I have never been in a car accident.
I hope I am never in one.
I have been hit by a car, but I was a pedestrian and that happened almost exactly two years ago. I was scolded for it. Not for being hit by a car, but for being too independent. It was night time. Around ten. I was at work; a friend dropped me off at the beginning of my shift and I did not want to bother anyone to drive me home. I had done the walk before. It's only around 3 miles, but I had only done it while light out.
I'm not stupid.
I was a little scared as I began my walk to my little apartment. I still remember how cold it was and how the wind was blowing unusually hard for the evening. There were goosebumps on my legs the whole time I was outside. I was wearing a brown skirt with green shoes that make that professional sounding "click" when you walk and a white coat.
I scampered across the crosswalk at the first stoplight. There was a large blue van turning left that was approaching me and apparently did not see my bright white coat, illuminated by the headlights of cars and streetlamps. I could see it coming, but what do you do in that sort of situation?
I was able to brace the rest of my body with my arms. My eyes were wide and I could feel my asthma acting up. After a few seconds, I made the first move; I continued across the street. I did not look at the driver of the car. I did not look back. I did not collect $200. The rest of the walk did not get any funner. Three boys thought they were the most hilarious men in the world when they followed me for a couple blocks. I listened to their steps to make sure they were not getting louder.
When I only had a mile left, my boyfriend at the time called me. After realizing by the sounds of passing cars that I was not in my apartment, he began to fire off questions. He found out my location and after a quick "I'll be right there", he hung up.
I had never been happier to see his old and battered white Chevy Cavalier. He made it in half the time it should have taken him. As I curled up in his passenger seat, turning up the heat all the way, he began to lecture me about how foolish I was. I told him the whole story and everything finally hit me; I began to bawl.
I haven't thought of that story in a long time.
It came back to me today. Sitting in my car, one hundred yards from where I was hit.

Isn't it funny how memories come back to us?

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