09 July, 2015

New Toy!

I love walking around craft stores. I could spend hours in Michael's or Hobby Lobby, meandering across the inspirational aisles. If I ever go into a craft store, my one rule is that I cannot take a basket or shopping cart with me. Everything I want to purchase has to fit in my arms. Sometimes I look a little ridiculous as I approach the register, my arms overflowing.
Yesterday I stopped by Michael's. I needed white cardstock and doilies. The only problem? They had a terrible selection of doilies. Yes, they were cute, but there were limited sizes and colors. I had my heart set on gold doilies, but after walking by all the shelves that contained doilies, I about gave up. Just for fun, I located the Martha Stewart section. I like to drool over her supplies. Sitting there, all innocently was a tool I knew I needed.

It's a Martha Stewart circle punch and it makes doilies guys! In the back of my mind for the duration of the shopping trip, I was chastising myself for not just using my Silhouette to cut out the doilies. It was more than capable, I could use whatever paper I wanted, and the designs were almost limitless. The other part of me knew I probably would never use my Silhouette to do this because I do not want to spend hours peeling tiny bits of paper off of the cutting mat.

I coveted that little instrument for a minute, knowing that I would never spend $28 on a little tool if I already had a machine that could do the job just as well. Inspiration struck. I checked out the Michael's coupon on my phone. Sometimes they do not allow their coupons to be used on Martha's supplies. Yesterday was an exception.

I bought it and hurried home to try out my new toy. The tool comes with one cartridge and thankfully it was one I liked. Whenever I buy new toys, I like to see if I can figure it out without instructions. Sometimes this goes disastrously. The instructions are simple for this little guy.

Take the extra metal piece that is in the same case as the cartridge and put it on the tool. Then decide what you would like the circle's diameter to be. Move the two pieces so they are both pointing to that number.

Find the center of your piece of paper and attach it to the tool with the round knob (held on by magnets).

Then put the cartridge above the knob, also held on by magnets. (Why do I think things with magnets are so cool? Probably because I taught magnetism for a year and I now have a bunch of cool magnet toys.) Punch down the cartridge and remove it.

You have the start of your doily!

Rotate the knob once. I rotated it counterclockwise to be a rebel.

Keep rotating it and punching.

After you do your last punch, you have a doily! (I hate taking pictures of glitter paper.)

I did 24 in less than half an hour. If I would have used my Silhouette for the same job, I imagine it taking at least three times longer with a lot more work involved.

I now have adorable gold glittered doilies to use!

BONUS: After showing my husband my cool new toy, he got really excited. "We can put a cake on one." I love it when he is happy for me and my toys.

I might have to head over to my favorite craft stores to see if they have sales on their cartridges. Here is another one that I think is adorable! (Source)

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