06 July, 2015

Library Organization

I have school library jealousy. If I could have my dream library organization, I would go with this scanner on Amazon:

But, who am I kidding? I am not a librarian.
I have also looked into book scanning apps, but I do not want my students touching my phone and up until this year, I have had no other form of scanning.
Last year I had a binder with a checkout page for each student in it. What was wrong with that system? I got bored with it and I was sick of the binder being out on my counter every day.

I cut out a bunch of library pockets and student numbers and promptly laminated them. (If you do not have your own laminator, I would highly recommend purchasing one. They are not expensive at all, I buy laminating sheets with school money to use for these projects, and it's nice having a harder lamination on all my creations. I purchased mine at Target for $20.00 and I used a gift card from one of my students so it really didn't cost me anything.)

My least favorite part about laminating is cutting it all out again at the end. I figure that the extra time I spend now will make it so I don't have to remake my school supplies every year. These pockets will be by my library so that students can easy access them, but they will be on the sides of my bookcases so they are out of the way.

In the pockets, I will have a checkout slip (similar to the ones found on I Love Labels) and two large popsicle sticks with the student number on them. When students check out a book, they simply place their popsicle stick as a placeholder so that my library stays as beautiful as possible. I made the sticks with a clear label containing their student number over a one inch strip of blue or green washi tape.

I also have been painting things with gold paint. I covered magnetic letters with gold spray paint and used regular gold paint to paint an Ikea planter and the top of this paperclip holder.

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  1. That scanner is awesome. I have them in 2 of our teacher's rooms and in the Reading book room. You don't have to be a librarian to use them. They're easy to set up and get the books labeled, no cataloging required.

    1. Hi Sarah!
      I have some extra start-up money this year and I have seriously considered buying a scanner. I think the money is what is keeping me away from it more than anything else. I'm glad to hear that you love them.

  2. Oh I wish I had a scanner! Book Source can be used on mobile or desktop...that's what I use!
    Miss Johnston's Journey
    L. Paull Designs for All

    1. Hi Miss Johnston!
      I will have to take a look at Book Source. I cannot remember which program I tinkered with a couple years ago, but I don't think it was that one.

  3. I want that scanner. I don't know that I would even use it, but I want it! Lol! I have so many books that I just gave up control of keeping track of who had what. As long as they have books in their hands...I pray they will return them to me. That's probably silly on my part, but after 18 years...I was tired of chasing kids and books around.
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

    1. Hi Alison Rose!
      I felt the exact same way last about praying students will return my books. I never once looked at the binder they used to check out their books, even at the end of the year. I did, however, keep an eye on my favorite books that students took to make sure I got those back.

  4. Such a gorgeous system! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi ES!
      Thank you. I am excited to get into my classroom to actually set it up and make sure it works as well as I am planning it in my head.

  5. Library orgranization is the hardest. I've used a couple of different check out systems and found Booksource to be the best. The kids can use a computer, ipad, phone, or whatever to access it. I used to have a desktop computer by the door that we used just for checkout. I don't have it anymore and so last year didn't go as well. I think I'm going to have it open on as a tab on my computer and the kids can use that. Not sure - but Booksource is awesome and easy to use.
    Are We There Yet?