05 September, 2015


I am a little strange. (Yes, yes. Many of you think that about many aspects of my life, but I am only focusing on one for this post.) I need my life to be busy. I cannot have vast amounts of free time and live a leisure life of electronics and pedicures. I need to be doing stuff consistently. It's a need and while it drives me crazy, I crave a packed lifestyle. I just get more done.
Take this past week and upcoming week for example.
Monday I had my first Master's class of the semester.
Tuesday I stayed after school to help conduct a parent information meeting for an overnight camp I attended with my fifth graders and then participated in our school's open house night. Upon completing my duties at school at around 6:00, I speedily drove to my second Master's class, arriving just in time for the last five minutes. (I even contacted the professor to let her know what was going on. "I'll get there around 6:30. Do you think your class will go longer than that on the first day?" "We will definitely go longer than that. Please come by." I didn't think 5 minutes should have constituted my attendance, but hopefully I look awesome in the eyes of my professor now.)
Wednesday my tutoring appointment canceled on me which was a good thing because I was at school until the early evening, getting ready for our overnight camp.
Thursday and Friday I was at the overnight camp, wrangling eighty 10-year-olds.
Today I babysat, worked on all my homework, and still need to plan for next week.
Next week I am glad I have a day off because I have class on Tuesday, a meeting on Wednesday (that I have two hours of homework for) along with tutoring, and class on Thursday.
I leave home between 6:15-6:45 and arrive home--between 5:30 and 10:00 depending on the night.
In between all of this, I still need to eat, sleep, be a wife, clean a bit, exercise, do 6-9 hours of homework, and plan for school. (We started a new math and language arts program this year that I am still not 100% sure of, so it is sucking in more time than I would like).
This is how I thrive.
How on earth will I fill my time next year when I finish my Master's program?

Maybe become a sumo wrestler. (I look good with that much weight.)

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