27 June, 2013

Crayon Boxes

Do you know what I dislike? (Okay...I do dislike people touching my hair when it's wet and I hate pointy things next to my eyes. I also do not like it when people break rules, but those are posts for another day.) I dislike crayon boxes.
I'm sure the lovely folks at Crayola make those boxes as best they can, but the cute cardboard boxes were not built for everyday classroom use. I just threw away all my crayon boxes from last year and every single one of them looked like it had been through, well, 35 different fourth graders.
Do you know what I dislike most of all? You know those times when a student is carefully and quickly cleaning up from coloring something and just as they jab the last crayon in the box, they jab a little too hard and the back comes off? Crayons are flying everywhere. Crayons do backflips and kung fu moves just to get out of that box (at least in my classroom).
I love all the soap boxes, in fact, the soapbox for crayons was one of my first pins. My only problem was finding a multitude of inexpensive soap boxes.

Then came the day I was perusing Dollar Tree's website and found these Lock-Top Snack Containers two pack...with lids. Could it be? Would that container possibly fit a heap of crayons?

After two Dollar Tree store stops, I found them! The only problem was that there were only 11 packages in stock and I would need at least 16. Instead of being impulsive and buying all they had on the spot, I just grabbed one to check it out.

I played with the snaps for a while and they appear to be sturdy and kid-friendly. As for the crayons, they fit 24 regular Crayola crayons without even breaking a sweat. (Although to see a plastic container sweat would be pretty strange.) Two for a single dollar?
Not too shabby.

*Small update: I went to four stores to get all the boxes I needed (they were out at two of the stores). A saleslady told me that these small boxes go very quickly whenever they get a shipment in.


  1. Thank you for sharing this. I will be on a hunt for them very soon!

    Sixth Grade Tales

  2. I am furious that Crayola (the only kind of crayon I use) does not package their crayons in a sturdy plastic box. These boxes you found look great for 24 crayons, but I need a smaller box to hold 8 crayons. (These are for my church's "worship packs.") Any suggestions?
    P.S. Crayola does not accept suggestions on their web site for fear of law suits over rights to the ideas.